Extended access

Local GP practices have teamed up to improve the way we provide weekend and evening appointment for our patients.

This new service will begin on Saturday 1st October it and will mean that most people will be able to book weekend and evening appointments closer to where they live. For our patients we will be providing appointments will be provided at Jordanthorpe Medical Centre and Crystal Peaks Medical Centre

Remote and face-to-face appointments can be made with a variety of GP practice staff including Doctors, Advance Care Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Associates, Health Care Assistants, Physiotherapists and, Pharmacists.

Initially appointments can be booked through you practice, but we will soon be adding the option for patients to book direct online and through NHS 111.

Click to find out more: Extended Access - South Cluster - Primary Care Sheffield

Privacy Notice

Enhanced Access Service

Carrfield Medical Centre has contracted Primary Care Sheffield, a not-for-profit organisation run by Sheffield’s GPs to provide evening and weekend appointments at a number of Enhanced Access ‘hubs’ around Sheffield. Read more.

Your information when using an Enhanced Access ‘Hub’ run by Primary Care Sheffield.

You will be referred to an Enhanced Access Hub either by your GP practice, Sheffield GP Collaborative or from 111. From [DATE] you will also have the ability to book, cancel, change, and view your appointments appointment directly online using your NHSlogin details via an application called AirMD.

By booking an appointment you are consenting for us to view your medical records for the management of your healthcare needs. The service will then be able to see your full GP record or, where you are registered outside of Sheffield, we will be able to view your Summary Care Record.

The information being held

The service will not retain access to your GP record after you are discharged from our care, but we will be able to see entries that we have made during the consultation. We will retain access to these episodes of care for the purpose of clinical Audit and service improvement. These records help to provide you and others with the best possible healthcare.

Records the Enhanced Access Service may hold about you include:

  • Your age, contact details and next of kin
  • Details of your appointments within the Enhanced Access hubs
  • Records about your health, illness, treatment, and care from consultations within the satellite hubs
  • Results of investigations, like laboratory tests, x-rays, etc.
  • Information provided directly to us from other health professionals including your GP and 111 when making a referral to us.

Additional Information Sharing from our Satellite Units

The Enhanced Access Hubs are specifically required to share information for the following purposes:

  • Discharge to your registered GP

Unless you decline consent, we will share information from any consultations in the Enhanced Access Hubs with your registered GP practice.

  • Referral for investigation / Two Week Wait Referrals

With your consent, we will pass information on to Secondary Care where we deem it appropriate to refer you for further investigation. Whilst we will not make routine referrals, with your consent, we will make urgent Two Week Wait referrals during consultation if deemed appropriate.

Data Retention

Access to your GP records will be stopped when you are discharged from the service but we will retain access to entries we have made during your consultation and approach the management of patient records in line with the Records Management NHS Code of Practice for Health and Social Care which sets the required standards of practice in the management of records for those who work within or under contract to NHS organisations in England, based on current legal requirements and professional best practice.